Fiyu Bird

Are you worried about your child's Turkish skills? Is your child mixing up Turkish and the native language spoken where you live? Maybe s/he doesn't even prefer using Turkish. Then a Turkish magazine with fun and interesting subjects is just what you are looking for.

The Fiyu Magazine consists of sections specially designed to enhance the development of language in children. Comic strips, articles that handle everyday subjects and activities are prepared in order to submerge the richness of our language.

Language is OK. What about Turkey?

The cultural and natural beauties of Turkey, are prioritized by fictional and documentary-based high-quality contents which are primarily prepared for this purpose.

No fun?

Of course, there is. Every content prepared is full of fun. Besides, there are activities, puzzles and comic strips. Your child won't even notice that s/he is building up his/her language skills.

How can I reach the Fiyu Magazine?

The Fiyu Magazine will be delivered to your postal address every two months via membership.

What else have we got?

Miscellaneous everyday events and concepts are handled in the files section with as many examples as possible. The Fiyu Magazine offers content from technology to sports culture, from art to Turkish cuisine by emphasizing their differences and it is for children living outside of Turkey and it uses the Turkish language in a way that pays attention to their needs and development.

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