It started with an immigrant mother’s concerns about her child not being able to speak his/her mother tongue competently. But the first flap of our migratory bird Fiyu, was only after coming together with Turkey’s most talented child content production team. They beat each other’s heads for months on what to create for Turkish speaking children who live outside of Turkey. And the result was The Fiyu Magazine for school children and the Pupa Magazine for younger children who aren’t yet literate.

The Fiyu Magazine is extremely excited to cry out a greeting with joyful whistles from England to all the Turkish speaking children around the world and it aims to prepare a special content which will provide an appropriate perspective for children to understand current events and notions. The Fiyu Magazine has adopted approaches that will contribute to children’s lingual development and reading habits, improve the way they express themselves and facilitate their orientation with the culture they live in.

Our team consists of people who are experienced in creating contents for children and extremely competent in this field. We always keep in mind that we and the children are equals and we are exposed to the same events and developments in the same world. Therefore, we present our projects in communication with the children and by levelling down to their eye-sight.

We commit ourselves to our one and only, unique children’s childhood by taking their perceptions, views, preferences, desires, dreams, goals and purposes into consideration. We stand against all kinds of discriminations such as language, race, gender; and stand for the rights of people, women, children, animals, plants with an eco-friendly point of view and seeing our cultural differences as our richness. In our fundamental framework we see creating qualitative and authentic contents that push the opportunities of visual and written language as our primary principle.

We trust the children. We respect them.

We believe in them.


I am a duck.
Scientists know me as/call me “Anas Penelope” but my friends call me Fiyu.

I live in Europe and at the north of Asia during summer. When winter comes I migrate to South; England, Turkey even to Japan.
You can recognize me from the white spot on my side and from my whistle sounding “Fii-yuu”.

Some time ago, I met people who produce content for children and (Voila!) here I am!

Esra studied journalism at university. For many years she worked as a reporter, editor and editor in chief for the national press in İstanbul. She had chased news for years.

She studied art history and ceramics. She wrote for various television programmes.

Yıldıray studied art history but he worked in many different jobs like printing house worker, televison journalist bicycle courrier, editor.

Abidin, with a bachelor's and master's degree in Business Administration, started his career in magazine publishing as a re

Gökçe Yavaş Önal is a paintings department graduate. She lives in Istanbul.
She spends her whole day at home drawing illustrations for children’s magazines and books.

Journalist, new media enthusiast. She is currently following developments in social media.
Born in Istanbul in 1984. The girl made her first drawings on the walls of the living room. She then graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Graphics.
Hello This is me, Eda. I drew my first recipe when I was three and a half, and my first home when I was five. I have been drawing since those days.
She learned to paint from her parents. She has been interested in painting, read books, and watched cartoons since she was young.
She's a self-taught illustrator and a picture book addict. She has been drawing since she could hold a crayon.